The TPC1 Preamp Buffer

TPC1 Notes:

~ A Stereo (Tip/Ring /Sleeve-TRS) Output Jack IS needed for on/off switching purposes.~
~ A 9 Volt battery Snap or a Battery compartment is needed for powering the Preamp Onboard..~

~ The TPC1 - is NOT a Unity Gain Preamp. ~

~ A Layout for installation is located here.~

~ Strat Type Wiring Layout located here ~


Approximate Preamp Size in Inches:

TPC1 = 1-43/64" X 1-25/64" X 1/2" Tall

(NOTE: To help decipher the preamp that suits your needs, measuring out a small piece of cardboard/paper and placing it in your control cavity can help determine which preamp you can use.)


Pricing & Shipping:

$75.00 ea. W/$4.50 FIXED Shipping To The Continental 48 States(CONUS)

If Interested in Purchasing a TPC1 please Contact Me for a PayPal Invoice.
Turn around time is USUALLY SLOW, Your Preamp will arrive as soon as i can get it out the door.

PayPal or United States Postal Money Orders are the only forms of Payment Accepted. If other arrangements are needed, please contact me.


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